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Feb. 7th, 2011

Another very delayed post... :-P (MFM and MFF...)

  Well, Ashton and I have been up to a lot lately and it's rather hard for me to keep up. It is
hard to type with no fingers after al
l! I'll start with my trip to Mephit Furmeet. It was a really fun trip and the highlight was the pizza party and meeting friends. Here's a picture of me with my share of pizza. Ashton tried to enter this picture in Domino's picture contest, but it somehow conflicted with the rules. Maybe next time I'll take the picture with the pizza boxes present. :-)

  Next, I'll talk about my trip to Midwest Furfest. It was very eventful and Ashton and I even arrived at Chicago early so that we could visit the Museum of Science and Industry! From my spot in Ashton's backpack, I could see a variety of neat things at
the museum. Picture of the Pioneer Zephyr at MSI. Inside of the train.. Inside of the train. (pictures from inside of the train)

Panorama of the U-505
Here's a panorama of the U-505 at the museum.

That's me on the propeller!

Dingo in spaaaaaaace... 
  Tesla Coil!
My favorite!! The Stuka.


Huge @$$ model train city/town/everything. :-P The picture doesn't do it much justice... This thing is *huge*.

Little baby chicks! Ashton loved this part almost as much as the planes...

Last, but not least... The Tesla car we saw after leaving the museum. :-)

Dec. 9th, 2010

My Easter pictures.

     Ashton and I didn't get to dye eggs or do many of the fun traditional Easter activities,
but we did get to hang out with the Peeps. These cute bunnies made their way into our
home a while back and now we're the best of friends. All dingoes love rabbits. :-)

This picture is just me, hanging out in the magnolia(?) tree outside of Ashton's home. The flowers smell so sweet!

Long time, no post! :-)

Wow! It's been a rather long time since I've last posted here. I was really hoping to keep things up to date and all, but have been rather busy lately. I'll catch all of my friends up on the fun things I've been doing (in the order in which they happened, starting with Easter).

Mar. 26th, 2010

A very delayed re-cap of my trip last month.

My most recent adventure with Ashton was the road trip to and from Furry Fiesta, a convention in
Dallas, Texas. We were away from home for 10 days!
The trip to Texas took two days and on the first day, Ashton, a local friend and myself stopped at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. We went into the museum and took a look around. I wanted to go up to the top of the Arch, but Ashton was scared. However, She bought me a National Parks passport and had it stamped for me! It was stamped once for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and a second time for the Lewis
and Clark National Historic Trail.  We stopped in Springfield, MO that night to rest up for the next day!


 On February 18th we went on the road again to make our way down to Dallas. There
was very beautiful scenery between Arkansas and Oklahoma. :-)  We made it to Dallas
at some point in the evening, and met up with a person who would be sharing the room
with us.

On the 19th through the 21st, the convention was lots of fun! We made a lot of wonderful
new friends and picked up quite a pile of sweet candies from "The Pinata Debacle", where
people line up to break open pinatas for treats and prizes. Ashton tried to win one of the
coveted 'Jackafluffy' plushes as a new friend for me, but it didn't work out. Better luck next
time! :-)

February 22 - It was Monday and time to leave the convention until next year! We made our
way down to Port Aransas, TX and got there after sunset (we took the ferry too!). It was dark
and rather cool, so we found dinner and hung out at the hot tub until 11:00pm when the pool
closed and the sprinklers (which were aimed towards the pool and hot tub!) went off and we
had to leave.

(picture of me on the ferry!)

February 23 - It rained all day! :-( No beach time for us. We had dinner and watched cartoons,
just enjoying our time away from home. We even went out for fru-fru drinks and hung out
at the hot tub again. :-) 

February 24 -We woke up to nice, warm sunny weather --too bad we had to leave that day! We
went down to the beach for 15 minutes to hang out for a while. It was about 60 degrees and
the locals thought we were odd for not wearing coats. We left and made our way up to Winnie,
TX (near Houston) and rested up for a while.

On February 25th we went South of Winnie to go to a special beach with lots of shells. After that, we
embarked on a 12 hour trip to Memphis, TN. It was late when we got there and we all just wanted to

February 26th --The last day of the trip! On one of our stops to get gas, when we were in Louisiana,
We saw this:

    (the menu) :-P

It's a drive through for mixed drinks!
 We went down to Tunica, Mississippi for some fun at a couple
of the casinos (Don't I look old enough to get into one?). After a couple of hours, we left and headed
back home to the cold and ice.

More adventures later! :-)

Mar. 25th, 2010


 Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologize to a couple of my friends for the long wait-- I should have written earlier, but Ashton and I have been very busy as of late and didn't have a chance to get to this until now.
 Now, I would like to introduce myself-- My name is Dingo. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my best
friend and caretaker, Ashton. She's very friendly and she takes me traveling with her to various places
across the US! At most of these places, I like to go and have adventures of my own, sometimes.
I will share the details of them all, right here! :-)